SENSATION - Closed Circuit Rebreather *** coming soon ***

The SENSATION is the most compact and lightest electronic closed circuit rebreather on the market and is especially developed for recreational diving. The patent pending loop design consists of an innovative counterlung, in which the scrubber is inserted. The mouthpiece can be easily switched between open and closed circuit mode. The core component of the rebreather is a novel sensor system consisting of conventional galvanic sensor technology in combination with a redundant solid state O2 sensor, a CO2 sensor and electronic sensor signal validation.


The features of the SENSATION include:

  • Electronic closed circuit rebreather
  • Designed for recreational diving
  • PADI Type R compliant
  • Backmounted counterlungs
  • Innovative loop design for low work of breathing <1.5 J/L @40m RMV 70L/min
  • Max divetime: 2.5h
  • Scrubber: 2kg
  • Bail out valve with integrated automatic diluent and overpressure valve
  • SEABEAR solid state O2 sensor technology
  • Electronic O2 sensor validation
  • Integrated CO2 sensor
  • Rechargeable battery




The SENSATION also features an integrated dive computer. The specifications include:

  • Full Color OLED Display
  • Buehlmann ZH-L16 decompression algorithm
  • Gradient Factor extension
  • Tilt compensated compass
  • USB Pen Drive mode







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