HUDC - Head Up Dive Computer

The Head Up Dive Computer (HUDC) is a near-eye true hands-free dive computer. Due to the close vicinity of the HUDC to the visor, the HUDC can still be read in very low visibility conditions (e.g. silt out), where reading of a normal wrist worn dive computer is often impossible.

The HUDC can be mounted on full face masks or on any second stage regulator. With the adjustable mounting device you are able to bring the HUDC in an optimal position in front of your eyes. The full color display shows all dive-relevant information, including:

  • Depth
  • Divetime
  • Remaining no decompression time
  • Ceiling
  • Time To Surface
  • Heading (tilt compensated)
  • Ascent/Descent Speed
  • Tank Pressure

The dive data are stored in the internal flash memory and can be read out via USB port, which is also used to charge the inbuilt battery.


Display  during a dive in the Mediterranian sea, max. depth 25.3m, current depth 15.3m, divetime 7min, no decompression time 72min, water temperature 22°C, tank pressure 175bar, heading 162° South-East.








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