Mouthpiece Head Up Display


Our first attempts to design a graphical head up display mounted on the mouthpiece of a rebreathers  date back to 2007. Key features were:

  • 128x64 white OLED
  • Readout of 3 pO2 sensors
  • Digital interface
  • 15 bar pressure sensor
  • TRIMIX deco algorithm



The next generation of a mouthpiece HUD was basically a miniaturized version of the mouthpiece HUD, where the optical elements were housed in a stainless steel tube (diameter ~ 25mm) and the electronics was encapsulated in silicon gel.




Bernhard Koss, Remo Bedini, Christian Woegerer, Antonio L’Abbate, Paolo Dario, A. Sieber, Rebreather Diving Safety: A Novel Graphic Head Up Diving Computer, EUBS Conference 2008, Graz, Austria, Sept. 2008






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